Paul & Sadie

We're lovers of the Northwest. We love the trees, the mountains and the water. Our passion for farming stems from an appreciation for working outside, digging in the soil, and spending our days noticing weather patterns and sunsets.

Our paths have wound in different directions. From an Alaskan fish-fry to conservation work and farming centered on food access and long vegetable rows, Paul has lent his smile to them all. Sadie has worked in city lots turned gardens and on island farms, loving planting season at each one.

We met on Bainbridge Island, Washington as farm managers amidst vast fields of mixed vegetables, winding raspberry vines, and lots of chickens. With combined experience on various vegetable, fruit, and livestock farms in Washington State we got to know each other over pork belly dinners and mounds of kale. While watching the sun dip into Puget Sound, we dreamed about our own farm.

Our farm has bloomed with rows of flowers since 2015. We were lucky to be welcomed into a community of farmers that appreciate the beauty of seasons and organic practices. We grow flowers for their color and the joy they bring. We believe beauty can be grown and enjoyed without harming the environment or human health.

We love growing flowers and vegetables, celebrating local economies, exclaiming over trees, cooking good food, and dipping our toes in the river.

We currently lease land from Cloud Mountain Farm Center, and are so grateful for it. We're on the search for our own farm - please be in touch if you know of land that needs some loving farmers to tend it.