June Field Walk

This is the time of year where our fields start growing inches each day. It's a beautiful thing to see!

Paul in Phacelia

Phacelia is one of our favorites! It's beautiful purple curls and sweet tips are mesmerizing. And the bees LOVE it too! Must be why it's commonly known as "bee's friend". It's a prolific grower - a great addition to any garden.

Calendula just popping out with that brilliant yellow and orange.

Orach Foothills Flowers

This orach will send up some beautiful seeded shoots in no time. A perfect textural addition.

Bachelor buttons finding their blue tips.

Cosmos Foothills Flowers Farm

Cosmos waking up. Spreading the beauty of that wildflower vibe.

Icelandic poppy Foothills Flowers

Icelandic poppies are an absolutely beautiful part of our early summer gardens. That crepe paper petal is something to dream about.

Sweet Peas Foothills Flowers

And the sweet peas are just beginning!