Blooming in July

It's July. How did that happen? Time flies, zips, and spins - especially in the summer. The flower fields are bursting with blooms. So much that I walk out into them and stop to stare at the numerous colors and textures. Here's a small photo gallery of some of the flowers filling our garden these days.

Godetia (Clarkia, satin flower, farewell to spring), is a new one for us this season. And it's a fast favorite. It truly lives up to the common name "satin flower" - such a silky, smooth flower. Beautiful in bouquets and arrangements.

Larkspur! This season larkspur has won me over heart and soul. Especially this lavender variety.

Nigella. This variety with the dark purple center is nothing short of "aha!". Perfect airy filler.

Agrostemma, "ocean pearls". Another new one for us this year. Such a beautiful and productive bloomer. This is a really popular one among our farmers market customers.

We're saying farewell to Icelandic Poppies for the season, but "champagne bubbles" were our favorite!

And then we go ahead and put them all together. Anacortes Market on Saturdays, Columbia City on Wednesdays - find us in the flowers!