Seasonal Wedding Flowers

It's such a pleasure to share in the seasons with our wedding clients! Paul and I got married in May, and I will always think of our wedding as the flowers bloom - peonies, calla lilies, columbine, poppies, dianthus, iris, and beautiful greenery.

I loved working on weddings this season. All the brides and grooms we worked with were filled with such love and appreciation for local. Here's a small smattering of flowers from weddings this season. Enjoy!

August wedding - dahlias, amaranth, scabiosa, zinnias, poppies, greenery.  Photo by Joe and Patience

Table garlands. Photo by Joe and Patience.

May wedding. Peonies, columbine, poppies, ranunculus, greenery, and lilies. Photo by Sarah Postma Photography.

Beautiful August arbor - cedar, millet, and ferns. Paul is an arbor master!

September bridal bouquet: dahlias, rudbeckia, hops, crab apple, amaranth, & raspberry greens.

August bridal bouquet - hops, aster, cosmos, ferns, dahlias, amaranth, scabiosa, & sedum.

April bridal bouquet - hellebore, viburnum, ranunculus, hydrangea, poppies.

Beautiful native salal garland.

Beautiful native salal garland.

August table bouquets.

August table bouquets.