Weeks 1 and 2: Starting to seed and embracing beginnings

Paul and I have grand ambitions to write a blog post at least once a week this season. We will see where that goal takes us, and hope for the best.

The first two weeks of 2016 are off to a good start for us here at Foothills Flowers. We've been through some freezing weather and super clear starry skies and then to warmer days with sunshine and rain.

We're mapping out our fields for the coming season, cleaning up compost piles, putting up our start houses and starting seeds.

Behind our house is a little greenhouse with loads of mint, rosemary, and an assortment of forgotten flowers. I'm loving it as a place to organize seeds in this early season before hauling them up to our start house in the upper field.

One of these days soon we'll pull new plastic over it and renew once more. In the past couple weeks, our seed orders have started arriving in the mail, and I'm starting our rounds of hardy annual successions. 

These babies are going in the start house - snapdragons, orlaya, stock, salvia, foxgolve, cerinthe, nicotiana, and scabiosa (if the mice ever stop eating it). More starting tomorrow! And sweet peas soaking in the house. New seasons are such beautiful beginnings.

Down in our fields the dianthus is holding it's own and the hardy annuals we seeded in the fall are starting to pop. Ranunculus and anemones coming up in the greenhouse. Hooray.

 Here's to a beautiful 2016 and season ahead!