Longest day of the year

Summer. It’s felt like summer for quite some time now, what with so little rain and days where the river feels like a bathtub. I’m always amazed by the lingering light -the way it stretches on and on until I look at the clock and 10:30pm has snuck up from behind the hills.

Our annuals are taking off – Chantilly snapdragons priding themselves on their classic shapes in bright pinks, salmons, and yellows. Double click cosmos budding into full disks- cranberry, white, ballerina pink.

And the sweet peas – one turn of my head and they’ve bloomed more. It seems all I can do to keep cutting and bunching. All the while floating on the scent of early summer. April in Paris is always my favorite – with its white rimmed in lavender, I think it is one of the most aptly named flowers.

Cerinthe is a new flower for me. Abundance in bounds - it’s silver, blue, green, and purple, and offers the most interesting shape. Purple heads nodding on succulent green and silver stems.

Yesterday morning, my seven year-old self spoke up, remembering my love for fairies glitting on sunbeams. Picking bachelor buttons, poppies, and sweet peas I thought “aha! I’ve finally found where the fairies must live”.