Poppies and planting

This is the time of year where when I step away from the farm and come back after a few days – plants seem to have a grown in leaps and bounds. It’s magical.

Our lower fields are planted, the last of our dahlias are in! Major daydreams of big dahlia blooms paired with amaranth, dill, and zinnias. I’m so looking forward to the Fairhaven market, starting up on June 3.

We had the opportunity to sell some bouquets in Seattle over Mother’s Day. Paul had an awesome time delivering these beautiful bouquets of hellebore, lupine, mint, thimbleberry, salmon berry, Solomon’s seal, and columbine to our friends at Saltbox Designs. We got to share the love with my mom – flowers for everyone! And, are super grateful for all our Seattle friends that made it out to pick up a bouquet.

Paul and I were out in the early morning on Wednesday, planting out more zinnias, nasturtium, cosmos, asters, and amaranth. As we walked into the garden, these oriental poppies were tucked down towards the ground, barely peeping some red out from their pods. The next time I glanced over, they had popped up and out – a giant, billowy burst of red.

~ Sadie