May flowers

Spring popping its way towards summer! Potatoes are peeking up, the farm is a wash in every shade of green you can imagine. Paul sowed oats and peas for future chicken feed - they're making a stunning appearance in the lower field.


Our fields are tilled, with hundreds of baby flowers nestling the roots down into the soil, and sending their green tips towards the sky. Snapdragons, cerinthe, ammi, dill, calendula, sunflowers, sweet peas, asters, nicotana, bupleurum, millet, marigolds, bells of ireland, ageratum, rudbeckia and zinnias - all stretching out to be part of the show.


There's this beautiful purple and white lupine blooming in the garden. It's been shining bright alongside irises, thimble berry foliage, columbine, hellebore, and solomon's seal in our bouquets. Whenever I see a lupine I think of the children's book - The Lupine Lady.

Along with lupine, we've been discovering loads of columbine blooming up and out from every nook and cranny. It's one of those things - once we started noticing it, we've been seeing it everywhere. 

~ Sadie