Tool of the Week

Tool of the week: Compost Tea! Keeping it brewing steady most all the time right now in buckets brimming boisterously with nettles, horsetail and a few other treats.

These concoctions are custom brews for different stages of our plants and are diluted before application at 3:1 – 5:1 ratios depending on what we have in the tea. I like to try and keep my brews aerobic by placing tubes from an aquarium pump into the bottom of the bucket before packing on the plants and ideally the bubbles percolate up around a good portion of the plants to provide oxygen throughout the bucket. If I do a good job of developing an aerobic, rich environment, I will have a tea diverse in good bacteria that will fill up all the open spaces on the surfaces of our plants to prevent bad bacterial pathogens from finding a home on our plants or in our soils. Thankfully, our starts are looking healthy and the soil looks great already so the compost tea is our tool right now to make sure we are keeping it real with the soil as we ask it to raise our crops in the coming season.