Growing on

Tulips – Lilacs - Me – Oh My – and sweet rhubarb pie! Spring is here! Our makeshift greenhouse is full of starts and our early garden spaces have filled up quickly and settled in happily to the brief showers and abundant sun breaks – sometimes at the same time – Magical.

We have had a great time the past few weeks being able to spend more of our time on the farm with friends and family; going through one to-do-list after another, taking time to confer with our neighbors and spend time on community garden spaces and our own flower gardens. We were lucky enough to have the one and only Josiah Kobernik tuck in a batch of our main season starts on the northern end of the property.


Josiah has been a great friend to have over the past few years for; frisbee – farming – hiking and thinking. Now he is the neighborhood! Josiah is interning with my brother’s program at Cloud Mountain Farm Center and living in The County now – helping make it feel more like home for all of us!

We have been very fortunate to find ourselves in the place we are this spring – surrounded by incredible neighbors – lots of people I feel very lucky to know. Here at the River Farm there are the best neighbors I could ask for, and next door – more great neighbors! Chris, Annie and their little ones have been great friends since we moved in and have been a huge help in getting our early season flowers going. Beyond them we have The Everybody’s Store - also amazing – specializing in exotic gifts – fine wines, cheeses, chocolates and beers.

Further downstream, my brother Sean, my dear friend Hilary and our buddies Chris and Mia at Small Acres have collectively helped us do everything from move into our house – lock in some early flower sales - help us make our compost – help us work up our flower beds, and kept us well fed through the winter on storage crops and goats milk. Beyond that, there are a bounty of awesome folks starting new farms and running established farms that have been great to get to know and work with. 

Another great thing about the larger neighborhood of farmers getting their footing around here is the Twin Sisters Farmer’s Market. This will be a market to serve east county folks on Saturdays from June-October at Nugent’s Corner and in Kendall. There are currently eight farms working together to distribute their produce from a single trailer and a good number of them are first or second year farms – lots of learning to do. We have been meeting up for the past few months and have managed to find a grant and form a non-profit pretty quickly. The home stretch will be in constructing the trailer and getting all our signage tuned in for market time.

Exciting times, and more to come!