Frost may come any day now - the chill in the air is growing - but making their last stand in our garden, the dahlias shine on. If we haven't had a frost by next week, we'll say farewell to the blooms anyway and dig those tubers up.

Dahlias were the first flowers I ever cut for sale while I was a farm apprentice at Persephone Farm in Indianola, Washington (this is where I fell for flowers, too). I loved dahlias then, their countless colors and standout structure. I was reminded this season why they capture so many floral loving hearts.

Here are a few of my favorites from our 2015 crop. We're already getting our dahlia order in for next season (as this year's crop ends, order your tuber/seeds/bulbs for next!), I think we might just give in and grow some Cafe au Laits...

We grew this lovely dahlia from tubers ordered from Sunny Meadows Flower Farm in Ohio. 'Lilac Shadow' has been one of our most prolific bloomers this season. It seems every morning, the flowers are opening anew.

Another prolific dahlia - Sonic Bloom from Swan Island Dahlias.

The delicate variations of 'Honey Dew' perfectly meld with an August morning.

Maarn is one of my favorites.

Mary Munns - a tiny gem of a pom pon.