And then it was Fall

Paul and I had the most beautful, consistent, and exciting intentions for our blog this season. But - like so many bloggers before us - life swirled around, flowers started blooming out our ears, and all of a sudden we're planting hardy annuals, gathering greens for wreaths, and dreaming of our next season.

Hopefully in the coming weeks, I can share some of the photos we took through the season - though we didn't take quite as many as we could have - and we'll get back in the habit of sharing bits of this flowery life.

Our dahlias are still blooming, the zinnias, cosmos, amaranth, and marigolds are hanging on. The fields are filling up with hardy annuals - queen anne's lace, bachelor buttons, orlaya, bupleurum, scabiosa, poppies, cerinthe, bells of ireland and more. Our bulbs are being tucked in and cover crop is germinating green and lush. 

Our final weddings have celebrated with local flowers, and the days are dipping into evening earlier and earlier. It has been a most beautiful season. Every day we look at each other and marvel that we spend our days on this gorgeous land, amongst the flowers.